Porter cable pce211 Review and Buyers Guide

Certainly, an impact wrench is one of the best friends of auto mechanics. Significantly, this tool reduces their efforts and make easy the installing and removing heavy fasteners. Also, it’s a common and essential tool for cars and trucks for changing wheels instantly. So, here we are presenting a great impact wrench porter cable pce211 review, I hope it will be helpful for you.


As an expert auto mechanic, you know how much an impact wrench is important for installing and removing lug nuts. Not only used for loosening lug nuts from cars and trucks but also they can be used in any high-torque situation.


So, you must need the best quality impact wrench for your job. Besides, a Tap and die set and Ratchet wrench a quality impact wrench is very essential for the mechanic’s job.




Porter-cable is one of the leading manufacturers and power tool brand, situated in the USA and famous worldwide. porter cable pce211 review

In 1906 they begin as a jobbing machine and tool shop. In 1910 they have started manufacturing with the pencil sharpener and now they are more than 100 years of experience producing quality and performance-driven tools.

Another famous brand Black & Decker is the parent organization of Portal Cable. Indeed, both are leading manufacturers and marketers of professional-grade power tools and accessories. They are committed to introducing quality tools and provide customer support.

So, you can confidently depend on porter cable branded tools for your professional purpose. Certainly, the porter-cable impact wrench is one of the greatest innovation, that widely used in the USA.

Porter-cable PCE211 Review & Buying Guide

An impact wrench is a common tool for the motor garage. It’s a great tool that reduces your physical effort and does the job quick. So, here we would like to review a great impact wrench porter cable pce211, that could be a perfect impact wrench for you.porter cable impact wrench review

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Porter-cable pce211, 7.5 AMP ½ is an amazing impact wrench introduced by renowned brand porter cable. This impact wrench feels entirely effortless and supports you to do a big volume of jobs with very low vibration.

Moreover, porter cable pce211 is a powerful impact wrench that you can easily remove lug nuts in a matter of seconds. Also, its 7.5 AMP influential motor supports for heavy-duty applications that deliver 450 ft.lbs of torque for fixing and removing heavy fasteners. Besides, its 2, 200 Revolutions per minute (RPM) speed and 2, 700 Beats per minute (BPM) impact provide fast application speeds.

On the other hand, it’s forward and reverses rockers switch is another great feature of this impact wrench.  This switch is very effective and makes easier your work, that loosening or tightening and then stopping the action with a single click.

Another important feature of this impact wrench is the ½” hog ring anvil, that comes with it and makes it easy for you to switch sockets without difficulty. So it’s a great tool that you can able to use different types of sockets.

Furthermore, the porter cable company provides 3 years’ warranty for pce211, also includes servicing offer and more. Besides, porter-cable impact wrench has both version, corded impact wrench and cordless impact wrench. So, you have the option to choose the right one as your demand.

Review Gist,

This impact wrench has outstanding customer satisfaction and user reviews. So, if you consider its all features and compare it with competitors, you must agree that pce211 is one of the best impact wrench and comparatively cheap impact wrench in the market. So, you can confidently buy this wrench.

In the article porter cable pce211 review, we have discussed details about porter cable pce211 corded impact wrench, but we also provide the options of similar goods likely; porter cable cordless impact wrench. So, it’s your wisdom to choose the best impact wrench from here.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Constructionelectric impact wrench
  • 5 AMP Heavy-Duty Motor
  • Torque 450 ft.lbs
  • Generate speed 2, 200 RPM & 2, 700 BPM
  • 1/2″ Hog Ring
  • Easy and quick socket changes
  • Forward/ Reverse Rocker switch
  • Handy Design

Technical Specification:

  • Model: PCE211
  • Materials: Steel and Laser
  • Weight: 7.5 Pounds
  • Dimension: 13 x 4 x 11 Inches
  • Power: 120V
  • Torque: 450 in-lb
  • Power Source: Electric Corded
  • Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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porter cable pce211 Features and Benefits

Here we are presenting some essential features of porter cable pce211 and their benefits. These features are also very important for a quality impact wrench, so you must consider the mentioned features during choosing the best impact wrench. 


The overall design of porter cable pce211 is quietly impressive and handy. It’s construction, height, weight, grip, switch, and color make it an efficient designed portable impact wrench. Also, it’s a great impact wrench for cars.

Powerful Motor:best impact wrench under 100

Indeed, power is the main fact for a good impact wrench. Porter-cable pce211 contains 7.5 AMP powerful and heat resistance motor, so it is capable of daylong works.  Also, it is an electric impact wrench that generates perfect power during work.


Impact wrench torque is another vital fact for choosing. Its powerful motor applications provide 450 ft.lbs of torque for installing and removing heavy fasteners. So, confidently pce211 is a high torque impact wrench for lug nuts and considered one of the best impact wrenches for changing tires.


Gripping is an essential feature to hold and operate the heavy-duty impact wrench. This portable impact wrench consists of a sturdy rubber grip that very comfortable and safe to hold. 

Trigger /Switch:

A flexible trigger is also very essential for impact wrench torque control. Because of trigger work as an impact wrench torque limiter. Moreover, it’s comfortable forward and reverts rocket switch make porter-cable pce211 is an adjustable torque wrench.

Hog Ring:

Porter-cable pce211 impact wrench features with ½” hog ring anvil, that makes this wrench easy to switch impact wrench sockets without difficulty even different types of sockets. Different types of sockets used for impact wrench is an essential feature for different jobs.

Accessories Availability: 

Certainly, porter cable impact wrench pce211 accessories are available nearest to you. Also, you can contact with porter cable service center for impact wrench parts. 

Reasonable Price:

To prepare an impact wrench reviews, price is a big fact to consider. By considered the features of porter cable pce211, it is a good impact wrench but if you compare with competitors, you will find this impact wrench price is also reasonable.

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Corded vs Cordless impact wrench

Corded or cordless? another vital feature for choosing a good impact wrench. Depending on your job nature you can choose the corded or cordless impact wrench. 

Indeed, cordless can be a huge benefit to those who are frequently working around a multitude. Besides, a cordless impact wrench is battery-powered impact wrench that charged by electricity. Therefore, the battery may have infected and not charged properly or may have a huge workload, in this case, battery-powered impact wrench does not get accurate power and torque constantly.

On the other hand, corded is works well in your workshop and within fixed working areas. A corded impact wrench is powered by a power cord that directly connected with electricity. So, no chance to fluctuate power and electric impact wrench get full power and provide accurate torque continuously. 

So, depending on your job nature you may collect the right impact wrench. Whatever both are capable to do your job properly. Alternative of porter cable pce211, you can like a cordless PCC740LA porter cable impact wrench that really an excellent impact wrench.

Similar Cordless Impact Wench 

Cordless pcc740la porter cable

impact wrench with battery

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Impact wrench uses

Impact wrench uses mainly for tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts. Significantly, the impact wrench reduced the user’s physical effort and increased productivity. Impact wrench widely used in automobile works, besides used in other projects likely; mechanical works, building a deck, gazebo, or Other Carpentry and DIY Projects.

Impact wrench safety tips

An impact wrench is a powerful tool that generates high torque. Electric corded impact wrenches or cordless impact wrenches both versions performed similarly. So, as a power tool, impact wrench has some safety issues for the user, which ensures its safer use.

  • Before using the impact wrench, read the instruction manual carefully.impact wrench for cars
  • Always wear eye protection glasses, safety hand gloves, and heavy apron.
  • Avoid loose clothing, long hair and long jewelry.
  • Keep enough space and stand steady to avoid potential kickbacks.
  • Check the torque before the start.
  • Inspect the elements condition where you use the impact wrench.
  • Use correct Impact wrench accessories such as sockets and drill bits.
  • Hold the impact wrench firmly with both hands for better control.
  • Do not use the impact wrench in wet conditions.
  • Keep power switch off while not in use.
  • Maintain workplace safety practices.

How to be a good impact wrench user?

Indeed, you need to develop your skills for better performance. For skill development in any trade you must follow some tricks likewise;

  • Know your trade and keep update yourself. how to use impact wrench
  • Learn trade skills through proper training.
  • Specialized education.
  • Know your trades tools.
  • For automotive works, you need Automotive Training.
  • Internship Program.
  • On the job training.
  • Apprenticeship Program.
  • Commercial service knowledge.
  • Become a tradesman and development of your skills.


porter cable pce211 review prepared by our team by following a standard method. It’s an amazing electric impact wrench that supports you frequently.

An impact wrench is a great tool for your profession and DIY projects. porter cable impact wrench is a quality good that provides accurate torque and services. Besides, the famous manufacturer porter cable provides after-sales service for its valuable user.

So, we recommend you the porter cable pce211 impact wrench for trustworthy performance. If you have any more quarry, please feel free to write or tweet us. We will support you as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.

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