Learn basic electrical skills for better career

Certainly, electrical services are an essential amenity in our daily life. There are many regular activities and comfortable lifestyle is dependent on electricity. So, it is important to have uninterrupted electrical supply and services for human life. So, learn basic electrical skills and contribute to society.

There is no substitute for an electrical technician to keep this emergency service running. Indeed, a skilled electrical technician can manage electrical service professionally. So, how to learn basic electrical skills is very important for interested.

In this article, I will discuss how to learn electrical efficiency. So, If you are interested in obtaining this skill, then read the article patiently, I hope it will be helpful for you.


how to learn basic electrical skills?

Indeed, this is a very common question, how can I learn basic electrical work and acquire skills? The answer is training. Yes, only training can learn you how to do electrical work and become a skilled electrician.

Electrical Training

Training is a special learning method, whereby you can get enough theoretical knowledge and practical orientation about electrical work.

Whatever, an electrician is a very demanding profession where they have to work accurately and there are many risks involved. Therefore, they need specialized electrical training to do the job properly with safety.

Electrician Training Objectives

Electrician training has some important objectives, which include at least all types of electrical training.

Learn basic electrical skills objectives are:

  • Increase confidence
  • Provide detailed knowledge of the electrical work
  • Provide the highest technical knowledge
  • Exchanging practical knowledge with veterans
  • Provide detailed knowledge about the work environment
  • To increase individual and collective production
  • Increase responsibility for the work
  • Immediate troubleshooting knowledge
  • Understand customer services
  • Ensure workplace and personal safety

List of Electrician Training Methods

Certainly, there are several methods of electrical training, which depending on the ability of the trainee. Some of the most popular methods of training are:

  • Classroom Lectures
  • Theory and practical knowledge
  • Visual presentation
  • Training with practical tools
  • Case Studies and Internship
  • Project performance
  • On-The-Job Training
  • Apprenticeship program

Electrical Training Programs

Institutional Courses:

Firstly, the Institutional electrical courses are arranged with updated material. So that a trainee can learn from basic concepts to master level gradually. Also, Institutional electrical training courses are very helpful for beginners.

Moreover, many electrical training institutes offer different types of degrees for different durations. Besides, courses may be Certificate, diploma, bachelors, masters, etc. All the courses contain theoretical, practical, case study, project presentation, industrial visit, and internship consequently.

Some famous institutes and electrician courses are:

Online Electrical Training Courses:

Certainly, Online electrical courses are now becoming more popular. Because there are many benefits to online courses, such as learning at home, jobholder may join, courses in remote famous institutions, low cost, no movement hassle, etc.

So, many reputed institutions now offer online courses, some of which are:

Internship Program:

Electrical Internship programs are very effective to learn enough practical knowledge and get working experiences. In addition, after the theoretical study, most of the institute provide internship for functional orientation.

On the job training Program:

Electrical on the job training (OJT) is a very effective method of technical training. Most importantly, OJT allows the trainee to gain experience in direct work with a skilled supervisor.

Electrical Apprenticeship Training:

Indeed, Electrician apprenticeship is a great way to learn and earn at the same time. Also, the trainee can learn through work with experts and get a salary from the first day of the work.

Moreover, earning encourages the trainee to acquire skills. Therefore, after a certain period of the apprenticeship training program, the trainee can be able to start a professional job as an apprentice electrician.

Type of electrical work

There are many types of electrical works we have seen but according to the category electrical works are mainly two types.

  1. Electrical Installation work
  2. Maintenance or Repair work

Type of electrical services

Domestic/Home electrical services:

Domestic electrical services mean household electrical services and maintenance. Most importantly, these electrical services keeping alive the human daily life.

Also, the home electrical services include new house electrical installations, a power outlet, additional outlet, line extension, circuit breakers, CCTV, alarm systems, rewiring, upgrading old and inactive system, etc.

Commercial electrical services:

Commercial electrical services refer to the work of various commercial establishments and public places. So, these services are very important because business activities are conducted there.

Whatever, the commercial electrical service covers; Shopping mall, market place, business center, office building, commercial premises, amusement park, etc.

Therefore, the services involved design and Installation of 1phase and 3phase electrical systems, Computer and WIFI networking, multiple security alarm system installations, automated gates, elevator, air conditions, etc. 

Industrial electrical services:

Usually, Industrial electricity service means heavy electrical works for the industrial zone. Most importantly, Industrial electrical services cover 1phase and 3phase electrical system installation, Industrial power line design, heavy machine power distribution, automation system, power backup system, Safety, and security alarm system, etc.

Furthermore, Industrial electricity service monitoring and maintenance is a 24-hour service because the continuous power supply is needed to keep up with overall production. 

Type of Electrician

Apprentice Electrician:

Firstly, electrician apprentice typically provides support for electrician installation, maintenance, and overall system. Also, they serve as a helper to the master electrician.

Furthermore, the responsibilities of electrician apprentices are to assist, work and learn the task directly. Therefore, this is the beginning stage to be a professional electrician.

Journeyman Electrician:

Journeyman electricians position is above the apprentice and below the master electrician. Also, journeyman electricians, who have work 1000 hours as an apprentice and capable to do electrical installation and repair works.

Moreover, they are capable of electrical equipment installation, troubleshoot, and maintain safety standards. Also, they serve as instructors and mentors for apprentice electrician.

Master electricians:

Indeed, master electricians are experienced professionals, who are the key person for any electrical project. Their main tasks are electrical systems design and installation, repair electrical systems, control the system and manage subordinates, etc.

How to Become an Electrician?

How to become an electrician? This is a common question of an interested. So, being an electrician requires consistent training with some general qualifications.

In addition, some basic steps to be an electrician as below:

  • Need a general high school diploma or equivalent education
  • Enough interest in electrical work
  • Physical fitness
  • Specialized training from a trade school or vocational college
  • Apprenticeship program
  • Register as an electrician trainee or electrician apprentice
  • Get licensed or certified by the authority
  • Start a job or own business

5 Common Electrical Technician Skills

Learning basic electrical skills are essential for all electricians. But there are five common electrical skills that need to be a successful professional electrician:

  1. Mechanical Skill
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Problem Solving Skills
  4. Business Skills
  5. Customer Service Skills

Electrician tips and tricks

Experts have some valuable tips for doing electric work successfully. So, If you do, then it is possible to do it easily and safely.

  • Inspect the job carefully and identify the faults.
  • Think about how complex and risky the task is.
  • Understand how to solve the task.
  • Prepare yourself for the job.
  • Verify the equipment needed to do the job.
  • Never use inefficient and defective tools.
  • Check your safety measures.
  • Pay your attention to the job.
  • Keep power off during the job.
  • Solve the task slowly but surely.
  • Let’s finish and check again.
  • Use tool belt, pouch or backpack, that will help you to carry your tools.


In conclusion, learning electrical skills is a continuous activity. So, If anyone feels interested in learning electrical skills, then he must be followed in due process. Moreover, It is a service business, so you have to learn the job well and satisfied the customer.

We would be happy if this article helped you. Therefore, If you want to read more articles, please read our blog. Also, you can write and tweet us. Thank you for taking the time with us.

Best wishes.

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