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I think everyone likes to do some mechanical works on their own. Moreover, many small tasks in daily life require Crescent 170 Piece Tool Set Review

immediate solutions and need to be done manually. This kind of works requires a dependable mechanical toolset like crescent ctk170cmp2. The article crescent 170 piece tool set review will be a great article to help your personal mechanical tasks.

Whatever, many people and tradesmen like to collect a toolset to use at home, garden, garage, and mechanical works. Because toolset is very useful for many household and professional jobs instantly.

Moreover, some tools are very supportive of simple mechanical and household functions, likely; a hot glue gun, caulking gun, ratchet wrench, tap and die set, etc. In the same way, a toolset will support you to solve an emergency situation and the primary stage of problems.

What toolset is useful for all tasks?

 Before buying, everyone thinks about what kind of toolset is useful for general mechanical tasks. Yes, a useful toolset that contains many types of tools and supports both SAE and Metric measurements. Also, the set should be sturdy construction and maintained standard quality.

The crescent toolset is a great combination of the best toolset. Crescent 170 piece tool set contained different types of tools for multipurpose applications. Besides, crescent 170-piece professional toolset ensures standard SAE and Metric measurements.

 Crescent 170 piece tool set review

best mechanic tool set 2019

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The crescent ctk170cmp2 is a complete mechanics toolset with a box and is good for multipurpose use. It is a great combination and collection of hand tools for most industrial, mechanical, and consumer applications.

Also, the crescent ctk170cmp2 mechanics’ toolset is sophisticated and well-featured, that can be easily accessed by all types of users.

Most importantly, this all-purpose toolset includes a huge collection of various sizes and functions tools. Also, the crescent ctk170cmp2 mechanics’ toolset is 170-piece to assure you to find out your required tools.

What’s are in the crescent 170 piece tool kit?

Certainly, crescent ctk170cmp2 is a great toolset and contained all the required tools for general purposes use. In the crescent professional toolset reviews, we will provide the total tools list. Here is the gist of crescent 170 toolset for your quick look.

crescent mechanics tool setThe Crescent 170 piece tool sets tools list is long and enclosed the most common SAE and Metric sizes, including 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch quick release ratcheting drives with a wide selection of standard and deep sockets.

Also, crescent ctk170cmp2 contains the following 3/8-inch drive tools, likewise; a 72 tooth quick release ratchet drive, 2 extensions, a 3/8 inch to 1/4-inch adapter, 2 spark plug sockets, 25 twelve-point sockets, and 10 six-point deep sockets. Therefore, all are SAE and Metric standards.

Moreover, the crescent toolset includes the 1/4-inch drive tools, a 72 tooth quick release ratchet drive, a 3-inch extension, 22 six-point sockets, that also SAE and Metric.

Therefore, 12 SAE and Metric combination wrenches, 2 pliers, 8-inch adjustable wrench, 4 screwdrivers, 1 magnetic bit driver with 44 driver bits are included in the set.

Also, 26 SAE and Metric hex keys are contained in crescent ctk170cmp2. All tools in this professional mechanics’ toolsets meet stringent new ANSI and ASME specifications.

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Key Features:

  • 170 pieces of assorted tools for multipurpose applicationscrescent ctk170cmp2 mechanics tool set
  • Tools contained in a durable blow-molded folding plastic case
  • Constructed from strong and durable chrome vanadium alloy steel
  • Tools are heat-treated for high strength
  • Rust-free flawless chrome finish
  • Innovative new Hex key
  • Upgraded Torx bit sockets and driver bits
  • SAE and Metric measurement system
  • Meets ANSI and ASME specifications
  • Full satisfaction guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty

Technical Details

  • Brand: Crescent Tools
  • Model: CTK170CMP2
  • Dimension: 16.2 x 19.1 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 17.42 pounds
  • Number of Tools: 170 piece
  • Materials: Steel
  • Measurement System: SAE & Metric
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5

The specialty and quality of the crescent ctk170cmp2 toolset

Indeed, crescent ctk170cmp2 mechanics toolsets are constructed from chrome vanadium steel alloy. Also, specially formulated and heat-treated for high strength and superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Moreover, crescent ctk170cmp2 includes wrenches, ratchets, and sockets are made from the flawless chrome finish. That perfectly balanced and shaped dual-material handles of its screwdrivers.

Also, every tool of crescent 170 piece tool set from the vapor-blasted, screwdriver tips to the hardened ratchet gears and pawls.

Besides, the crescent 170-piece mechanic’s toolsets offer extraordinary quality and are designed for extremely long life and ensure full satisfaction.

Finally, all tools are contained in a durable and molded-plastic folding case for easy storage and transportation. So, the crescent ctk170cmp2 mechanics 170-piece toolset is a complete pack for general mechanical purposes.

About the Manufacturer Crescent Tools

The USA famous tool manufacturer Crescent Tools has 112 years of experience with huge customer satisfaction. best mechanical tool setSince 1907, they are committed to producing quality hand tools.

Indeed, the Crescent brand innovated adjustable wrench is the flagship tool and a real American icon. Also, Crescent tools are awarded by tradesmen and homeowners alike for their utility and durability. Most importantly, the crescent ctk170cmp2 mechanic’s tool set is one of the bestselling items of crescent tools.

Whatever Crescent tools brand offers many other high-quality tools. In 2017, the Crescent brand expanded its activities with four other famous brands likewise; Lufkin, Wiss, Nicholson, and H.K. Porter became supporting brands under Crescent.

So, now Crescent brand is a stronger, famous, and giant tools producer. Also, their customer care and servicing lineup is very strong.

Things to consider when buying the best toolset

Purpose of Use:

Firstly, think about your purpose of use before buying a toolset. Also, determine your work and what types of tools you professional mechanic tool setneed. A good toolset provides most of the tools for common mechanical tasks likely; crescent ctk170cmp2. This is one of the best all-in-one toolsets in the market.

Tools Included:

Secondly, check carefully what tools come in the set. To be sure, the toolset includes your most required tools. Also, the number of tools should be good and for multipurpose use.

Construction Materials:

Certainly, it is very important to check the construction materials. Because sturdy materials made tools last a long time.

Tools Quality:

Tools quality means its features, finishing, and sizes. The tools must be universal standard sizes that fit different works. Also, the different sizes of tools are good for multipurpose applications. No doubt, crescent 170 piece toolset is the best-mixed toolset.


Weight must be tolerable so that you have the benefit of carrying it. Also, bearable weight reduces your health strain.


Try to choose a toolset within your budget. But Consider your budget for your preferred toolset. Crescent tool offers cheap mechanic toolsets for their user. Therefore, crescent ctk170cmp2 is a very popular model and best tool kit under 100.

Warranty:crescent 170 piece tool set

Indeed, warranty increase a customer’s mental satisfaction. So, buy a toolset that provides a warranty. The best toolset brand crescent tools provide a lifetime warranty.


Finally, find a strong and durable tool case, it will keep your tools safe and organized. Also, the case supports you for easy carrying and frequent movements.

Tips for taking care of the toolset

  • Organize and Store all tools in the casecrescent ctk170cmp2 mechanics 170-piece tool set
  • Keep the tool case is a dry place
  • Clean your tools after every use
  • If the tools got lubricant or oily materials, wipe it off thoroughly.
  • Inspect tools regularly, if got fault repair it soon.
  • Never through the tool case
  • Use a tool backpack for comfortable movements
  • Make sure your workplace safety

Final Word

We have tried to make the article crescent 170 piece tool set review easy for you. Hopefully, now you know enough about the crescent ctk170cmp2, which will help you choose the best toolset.

Crescent tools, is a trustworthy manufacturer, and crescent ctk170cmp2 is a reliable toolset to buyers. So, our recommendation, if you want to buy a good toolset then buy a crescent 170 piece toolset, because it is the best mechanic tool set a brand.

Therefore, if you have any further more inquiries, please write or tweet us. We will try to support you as soon as possible Also you can read our blog and interesting articles.

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