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Most Woodworkers require different types of tools to make their artwork accurate and precise. Therefore, they need to sharpen the tools or remove rust to get the high-grade finish.

Here comes the importance of a bench grinder. This bench tool comes with various specifications and features. If you are a beginner, you may find it challenging to get the requirements and terminologies and choose the perfect one.

We have done a good market survey and come with some of the best-rated bench grinders. Would you please go through to get an appropriate one to make your project polished?

Reviews of the Best Bench Grinders


1. WEN BG4280 Bench Grinder Review

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This 8-inch bench grinder comes first on this list and is a value for money option. It comes with a 5amp powerful motor along with 3,400 RPM speed to make it ideal for large-sized grinders.

It is truly the best budget variable speed bench grinder. It is available in an affordable price range and comes with a variety of speed controlling mechanisms.

That indicates that this tool comes with both slow and fast speed, and 2,000 RPM is the minimum speed it can control. Besides, 1-inch grinding wheel, you can also find 36-grit and 80-grit wheels.

Therefore, most of the woodworkers prefer to have this bench grinder. Unless it is worn-out wheels or high dense material, you should abide by the speed of this unit.

The manufacturers also design this tool with a flexible light to help you get the directions quickly. Besides, two adjustable eye guards are present to help you set it as fast as the wheel size reduces.

The base of this bench tool comes from cast iron, which helps the unit stay in place and minimizes vibration. Each table is widely shaped to help you move the wheels even from the sides.

Also, a large size water tray is present to accommodate plenty of water along with chisels and blades. The only issue you will find in this bench unit is the knob does not come with markings.


  • It comes with a 5ap powerful motor along with 2,000 -3,400 RPM speed
  • Adjustable eye guards are present
  • Designed with an in-built LED light
  • The large water tray is there
  • Provides 2-years warranty

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Pros & Cons

  • Well-made
  • Works great
  • It comes with a wide speed range
  • Designed with a flexible work light
  • Poor customer service
  • The quality of the components are not satisfactory


2. DEWALT Bench Grinder (DW756)

DEWALT Bench Grinder

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This list of the best bench grinder will be incomplete without enlisting DEWALT DW756. It comes with a 0.625 horsepower motor along with 3,450 RPM speed.

This high rotational speed allows a fast material removal. The built construction of this unit is solid and comes with durable cast iron to enhance the tool’s longevity.

Besides sharpening, you can use this high-grade tool to make the work more polished and accurate. You can get this unit along with a tool rest to make it your favourite.

This Aluminium made tool rest is also very sturdy to hold your materials secure. You will find a 12.5-inch space between the grinding wheels to make it compatible with big projects.

It also allows you to clean the hard-to-clean materials and remove rust. There is also a tail exhaust port present on the wheels to offer high-grade and easy operations.

This grinder is very ser-friendly to make it ideal even for beginners. It has been designed with properly placed knobs to make the functions smoother.

The best part is that you can avail this high-grade bench tool in an affordable price range. Also, this bench grinder comes in a compact size and is possibly the lightest one available on the list.


  • It comes with a 0.625 Horsepower motor along with 3,450 RPM speed
  • Designed with durable cast iron base
  • Aluminium made tool-rest is present
  • Enabled with tail exhaust ports
  • 5-inch space present between the grinding wheels

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Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for most DIY applications
  • Spark shiels provide protection
  • Excellent customer service
  • Provides 3-year limited warranty
  • Lacks typical refinements
  • Small base lacks offer stability


3. WEN BG4276 Bench Grinder Review

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For those looking for the best budget bench grinding tool, WEN BG4276 will be the best option. It comes with a 2.1amp small electric motor. You will find two 6-inch wheels to offer excellent contact.

These wheels help make this bench tool compatible with various tasks, including cleaning, sharpening, and grinding. A small nested electric motor is there to make the device run smoothly.

Also, it is lightweight to help you quickly carry it with you. This 16-pound wheeled grinder comes with 3,450 RPM speed. Most interestingly, you can conveniently and rapidly change the wheels of this tool.

All these features make this tool favorite to most DIY workers. Also, this is the bench tool that comes with an extensive customer review than the others. But this small motor bench grinder works best for domestic projects than the commercials.

Small size tool rest is also responsible for keeping the range of this tool low. Though the tool rest is smaller than the rest, it can offer good support when you work.

The manufacturers have been designing this bench tool with a flexible and adjustable light that you can set according to your requirement. The only issue is that this tool makes a bit of vibrational noise.

You are also going to have eye shields to safeguard you adequately. This cheap grinding tool also comes with a 2-year manufacturing warranty. Overall, this small and budgeted bench tool is perfect to smoothen all your knives and possible mechanisms.


  • It comes with a 2.1amp small motor along with 3,450 RPM speed
  • Designed with adjustable and flexible work light
  • Enabled with 6-inch two grinding wheels
  • An adjustable eye shield is present
  • Provides 2-year manufacturing warranty

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Pros & Cons

  • Straightforward assembly
  • Works well
  • Tool rest offers good support
  • Compact sized
  • The size of the wheels are small
  • Building material is not satisfactory


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4. JET JBG-8B Bench Grinder Review 


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JET JBG_8B is an excellent splurge category bench grinder, and it comes with the 1-HP motor to make it efficient for different tasks. Moreover, 3,450 RPM speed and 8-inch wheels are present to handle any operations.

Therefore, this bench grinder is made for professionals who need to deal with various tools every day. You will also get 36-grit and 60-grit rotating wheels with the purchase.

Both these wheels of this unit can accommodate different kinds of materials. So, it is going to be the best high-performing grinder along with an impressive and powerful motor to make your task very fast.

The build quality of this grinder is excellent. The manufacturers have designed this unit with cast-iron wheels and a lubricating ball-bearing mechanism to enhance longevity.

You can adjust both the tool rest and the eye shield attached to this grinder unit. You can place the team on the workbench or countertop to get maximum stability.

Dust vents are also there to keep away the metallic dust. This grinding tool also allows you to rubber it to get stability and reduce vibrational noise.

Indeed, you will not experience changing any parts of it even after the 2-years warranty it provides. For all these features, this tool is one of the most expensive tools available in the market.


  • It comes with a 60-grit and 36-grit grinding wheels
  • Enabled with lubricating ball bearing mechanism
  • Designed with dust vents and cast-iron wheels
  • Allows rubber mounting
  • Meets CSA safety standard

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Pros & Cons

  • Outstanding shipping
  • Potent motor
  • Heavily made
  • Gets up to speed quickly
  • It makes little vibrational noise
  • The tool rests are small


5. Delta Power Tools 23-197 Bench Grinder Review 

delta power tools

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Delta Power Tool 23-197 allows you to adjust the rotational speed easily. This tool has a wide range of rotational speeds, ranging from 2,000-3,400 RPM.

Therefore, this unit will help you do various tasks efficiently, including- cutting, polishing, sanding, or grinding different materials. A 5amp motor is present, along with two adjustable safety shields to safeguard your face from the produced sparks.

You can also adjust the wheels of this multi-purpose tool. Besides, this excellent quality bench grinder tool has been designed with a cast iron base, and this iron base is widely intended to offer good stability.

This broad iron base will help to minimize vibrational noise. You will also find a drill slot to help you get right angles when sharpening the tools. Two adjustable tool rests will also come along with this grinding tool.

Delta 23-197 is offering a 5-years manufacturing warranty with the purchase. It is noteworthy that a 5-years warranty is possibly the maximum timeframe than the other competing models.

The manufacturers have attached a water tray with this unit to keep all your tools cool when they are going through the grinding process. A flexible directional light is also there to offer better eyesight on your workpiece.

It is also lightweight to help you quickly carry it with you to the workstation. It would help if you considered that this bench grinder is a bit pricey than the other available models in the market.


  • It comes with variable speed control
  • 2,000-3,450 RPM speed range
  • 5amp powerful motor
  • Two-piece adjustable tool rests present
  • Designed with directional light and water tray

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Pros & Cons

  • Provides variable speed
  • Keeps all your tools cool even after a long-time usage
  • Drill bit keeps the tip in a perfect position
  • Provides 5-years manufacturing warranty
  • Requires bit assembly
  • Plastic knobs are flimsy


Buying Guide: Best Bench Grinder for Woodworking

You need to consider certain factors before buying the best bench grinder for woodworking.

  • Grinding wheels: Grinding wheels play a crucial role to make all the functional operations smoothly. Therefore, you should check the wheel type when you are choosing a unit.

For example, if you choose a machine with white Aluminum oxide grinding wheels, it fails to support the produced heat. So, it is suitable for only sharpening.

It would be better to purchase tools with two different grit wheels to make them compatible with grinding and smoothing.

  • Motor: A motor is the primary pillar of all the functionalities. Therefore, your machine should come with a well-constructed engine to get all the tasks done correctly.

Most grinding tools come with 2-5amp motors, indicating that higher amp motors are sturdier than the others.

  • RPM: The two similar motors can indeed come with different RPM ranges. Also, some tools have only one constant speed, whereas some come with a wide speed range

The regular motors come with only 3,000- 3,700 RPM speed. But a few models come with a wide range of RPMs. These units allow you to adjust the speed according to your sharpening or grinding requirement.

  • Safety: The bench grinding tools produce dangerous debris or sparks. So, choose the unit that has been designed with eye shields to safeguard your face from any hazardous situation.

In addition, experts recommend wearing proper clothes, helmets, and hand gloves to make yourself entirely protected.

  • Aluminium cast base: The best-featured machines should come with an Aluminum cast rest to offer both precision and accuracy whenever the woodworking process is on.

So, you should always check the accessories of your unit before choosing one for you.

  • Wheel size: There are different types and shapes of wheels available with the bench grinder tools. 6-inch and 8-inch wheels are common among them all.

The 6-inch wheel will spin fast than the other, but you can consider the 8-inch wheel to be the most versatile one. This 8-inch wheel comes with a wide surface area to make your sharpening more efficient and accurate.

  • Accessories: Your bench grinder should come with an illuminating LED light to ensure better visibility. Rubber feted models will safeguard them from sliding.

You will also find a water tray to keep all your tools cool for an extended period.

  • Weight: The weight of your bench grinder is another crucial factor that you should consider. If you choose a bench grinder a little heavy, it offers good stability and reduces vibrational noise.

Also, these heavyweight tools come with various other features than the lightweight choices. Though, you can quickly move around the lightweight devices with you.

The heavyweight bench grinder generally weighs more than 30lbs, whereas you can get lighter under 20bs.

  • Budget: You will find various types of bench grinders available in the market having different budget range. The best part is that if you choose a budget bench grinder, you need to compromise with the quality.

That indicates you can choose a model according to your pocket permissible range. On the other hand, selecting a well-constructed model with various features and functionalities must be expensive.

You can choose the budget tools for domestic DIY projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can a bench grinder be used for?

You can use a bench grinder for multiple tasks, and you can not only sharpen but also polish, re-shape, or buff all your metal tools. Though, the attached grinding wheels also play a crucial role to decide the functionalities. If you take a coarse material to finish, the polishing procedure will be a bit difficult.

  1. What kind of wheel will be perfect- 6-inch or 8-inch?

Those who are beginners, you can start with a 6-inch bench grinder, and it will help you sharpen, clean and grind all your tools and blades. On the other hand, 8-inch grinder tools are versatile and are suitable for professional woodworkers.

  1. Can you use a bench grinder on wood?

A bench grinder tool will help to provide the finishing touch on your woodworking works. But you should adjust the rotational wheels to safeguard your wood.

  1. Will you need a variable speed bench grinder?

Those who are professionals and need to do the car works besides the DIY’s should use a variable speed bench grinder. The lower speed range will help you sharpen your tools, and the higher speed range will help you remove rust from the vehicles.

  1. How do you maintain a bench grinder?

It would help if you cleaned or took care of the grinding wheels to ensure the longevity of the bench grinder. Thus, you can remove any clogged stone from the wheels to efficiently help it do the grinding job.

Final Words

Here ends the detailed review of all the top bench grinders along with a complete buyer’s guide. All the above machines are very high-rated to help you do your task efficiently.

Thus, this article will help you to make your purchase simple and easy. So, you can choose any of the above products to make your job done successfully.

Please write your thoughts to us in the below comment section.

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