Automotive Mechanic Basics for car maintenance

Indeed, automotive mechanic basics are not only for auto mechanics but also for all users. Some basic automobile trouble occurs now and then. Therefore, the situation and location do not favor you always to find and get an automotive mechanic. So, it’s wise to learn automotive mechanic basics for troubleshooting and fix soon.

It’s a mandatory lesson for entry-level automotive technicians. Because auto mechanics are an essential part of skilled trades and having an important role in automobile maintenance. Besides, the automotive mechanic is a lucrative profession for career development.

automotive mechanic basics


Meaning of basic mechanic skills

Certainly, basic mechanic skills are those skills, which are essential for the people to be able to understand, communication, presentation, recognize automotive troubles. Also, it includes instant troubleshooting, maintenances and communicates with the expert for a better solution.

Simply, basic automotive means fundamental knowledge and technical ability to understand automotive.

10 Automotive mechanic basics Skills

There are many mechanical functions involved in an automobile. It’s very difficult to learn all the mechanical skills for your car maintenance. Of course, I will suggest you go to a skilled auto mechanic to fix your automotive faults.

Whatever, some maintenance and small automotive faults that happen frequently, also in an emergency. Where an auto mechanic is not available or required more time to fix your car. But if you have some DIY mechanic basic skills, you can manage the situation.

Yes, here we will discuss automotive mechanic basics, that essential for your car maintenance and fix some common fault. From many DIY mechanic skills here we only presenting ten common skills. I hope you will be interested in learning basic mechanical skills to maintain your car and save some money well.

1 #Engine Cleaning:

Automobile Engine Cleaning is a common task for auto mechanics and users both. The engine is a sensitive area of automotive maintenance and light repairvehicles, so it needs special care during the cleaning. Basic mechanic skills will help you to clean and automobile engine properly.

Moreover, car engine cleaning is a regular maintenance task for the car user. So, if you have automotive mechanic basics, you can easily do this task.

2 #Changing Oil:

You need to check and change your car’s oil regularly. It will ensure the smooth running of the automobile and to prolong the lifespan of its engine. Therefore, changing oil is one of the most common skills for car maintenance.

Basic mechanic skills involved with the oil change process. So, if you learn these DIY automotive skills, you can do your car oil change.

3 #Changing a Flat Tire:

Indeed, changing a flat tire doesn’t consider as an expert task, but to be an essential skill. So, don’t rely on anyone else, because it’s a situation demand task and frequently happened.

Most importantly, basic flat tire changing skills will help you to manage an emergency. This skill involved lug nuts remove with an impact driver or a ratchet wrench and using a jack stand to lift the car off the ground and placing the spare tire on.

So, here has no big technical issue, simply you can learn how to change a flat tire. 

4 #Battery Change:

Changing a car battery considered an easy car skill that everybody can learn. Because. mostly car battery failures happen at inconvenient moments. Such skill will help you to change car battery easily.

Whatever, you can check car battery health frequently and if you got any fault just fix it as soon as possible. Just disconnect the cables and clamp from the battery, unscrew the nut and remove the old battery and set a new one.

5 #Spark Plugs Changing:

automotive maintenance toolsChanging Spark Plugs also a common task for the automobile. Spark plugs are the small parts inside the cylinder that create sparks to ignite the gasoline and powering your car.

So, if you have a mechanic toolset, you can easily remove old and infected plugs and fit new plugs.

6 #Replacing Wipers:

Indeed, windshield wipers are essential parts of a car’s safety system to drive in heavy rain or snowfall. Defective wiper blades may cause of car crash, so don’t waste time to replace wipers.

Whatever, it’s a DIY mechanics skill, by applying simple technic you can replace wipers in any situation. So, don’t depend on automobile technicians, rather do it yourself.

7 #Jumpstarting a car:

It’s uncertain when your infected batteries will end up and destroy your plan. So, nobody will expect to be left stranded and miss scheduled tasks.

Jumpstarting a car is not including in repair, rather it is a fundamental skill to drive a car. No more waiting for roadside assistance, better to jumpstart your car. Therefore, it’s so easy technique that you can apply any time in any place.

8 #Replacing Air Filters:

No doubt air filters are very useful parts to keeping your car engine dust free. Furthermore, air filters are cheap but essential for the car engine. So, you have to check its condition and replace it when got fault.

Certainly, it’s a simple DIY mechanic skill to remove the air filter and insert a new filter. Active filters ensure a healthy car engine. So, try to do itself to avoid any hassle.

automotive maintenance and repair9 #Replacing the Headlights

Having a broken headlight or taillight is dangerous and illegal. Also, sometimes it may happen in a night drive, so what is the solution?

Just unscrew the lights frame and cover, then disconnect the power connector and remove the faulty bulb. After that insert the new bulb and set the light frame. In the same way, you also replace the broken light frame or set.

10 #Checking Brake Fluid:

Most importantly, the brake system is a matter of security fact, no way to avoid its maintenance. On the other hand, the perfect brake system is a precaution for the car drive. It’s regular checking and maintaining matter.

Indeed, enough brake fluid makes sure of the perfect brake system. It’s not so hard job to check to maintain your car brake fluid. Trust me such a DIY mechanic will save your life.

How to learn automotive mechanics Basics?

After the above discussion, it’s a vital question, how to learn automotive mechanics basics? If you don’t take an automotive mechanics as your profession, furthermore it’s not enough hard to learn basics automobile skills. Just you need enough interest to learn basic car maintenance skills.

Some learning technics are as below for your consideration:

Auto Mechanic Books:

It’s a great way to learn automotive mechanics Basics. You would not be a professional auto mechanic; you just needautomotive maintenance services some basic to maintain own vehicle. Some influential books are available to learn basic automobile.

So, if you collect some books and readout carefully, I am sure you can be able to DIY mechanics. Therefore, some renowned auto mechanic books are recommended for your concern. Likewise; How Cars Work, Auto Repair for Dummies, etc.

DIY Car Maintenance Courses:

Certainly, it’s an effective way of learning basic auto mechanics by a short course. Many famous institutes provide DIY Car maintenance courses, so you can do.

Moreover, you can do an online course for your convenience. It will be very helpful for basic automotive skills. So, you can choose from here.

Video Lesson:

Visually you can learn some automotive basics by video tutorial. Many expert auto mechanics providing basic to advance lessons through automobile video tutorials. Furthermore, you can visit some YouTube channel to learn visually, likewise; Scotty Kilmer

Automotive Journal:

Another reliable source of basic automotive maintenance. You can follow and subscribe to automotive journals to learn basic auto mechanics, likely; International Journal of Automotive Technology.


  • Ensure personal safety during DIY mechanic works.
  • Keep calm and do the job
  • Work away from children
  • Organize your tools and accessories in a backpack


Automotive mechanic basics essential for hassle-free car maintenance and troubleshooting. Therefore, if you learn auto mechanics skills, you will able to fix some common fault and drive without worry. Also, it’s very important to save your car and your life accordingly.

We have prepared this article to understand the importance of basic auto mechanics skills. I hope it was helpful for you and you will be interested to learn some basic auto mechanics skills through our recommended way.

Furthermore, if you have any quarry about tools or automotive, please feel free to tweet or contact us. We will support you as soon as possible. Also, you are welcome to read our blog and tools review articles on this site.

Happy Driving


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